SCOR™ Golf has announced that its SCOR4161 line of  clubs are once again included in the  Golf Digest Hot List for 2014.  The Hot List is the annual process that arrives at the most comprehensive ranking of the best new clubs in golf.  The SCOR4161 line of scoring clubs won a silver award in the wedges category with four and one half stars in “performance” and four stars in “look/sound/feel” and “innovation.”

“We are once again honored by Golf Digest’s recognition as a leader in the scoring club category for the third year in a row,” said Terry Koehler, President of SCOR™ Golf.  The judging panel for the Hot List includes some of the industry’s leading experts as well as a representation of the ‘everyman’ golfer.  For SCOR™ Golf to be recognized by the Hot List is great testament to our innovation, technology, and performance for golfers of all skill levels.”

“Our inclusion in the 2014 Hot List confirms what we have set out to do- SCOR4161 is having the same impact on the short end of the iron set as hybrids have had on the long end,” added Koehler. “It’s not often that a revolution comes along in this industry, but the reception by the Hot List raters and our breakthrough testing on Iron Byron indicates that SCOR4161 is just such a product.”

Highlights of the Hot List review include:

• “SCOR makes an impressive argument for rethinking all your clubs with more than 40 degrees of loft.”
• “Nice, compact head”
• “Easy to maneuver around the greens”
• “You can hit it where you want to”
• “Easy to control the distance”
• “On full shots, there’s a boring trajectory”

“At SCOR Golf, we’ve taken a completely different approach to the scoring clubs, those clubs in our bags with over 40 degrees of loft,” explained Koehler.  In the modern power game, golfers are held back by ‘wedge’ designs that have not significantly changed in over 50 years. And we’ve seen Iron Byron testing that proves that short irons that are made to look like a 6-iron just do not provide precision distance control. SCOR4161’s package of innovative technologies allow every golfer to put together just the right set of precision scoring clubs that will deliver improved distance control and better accuracy while offering optimum forgiveness. In addition, SCOR4161 delivers better spin with new groove geometry and extraordinary feel. We know that golfers will reap the benefits through lower scores.”

About SCOR™ Golf
SCOR™4161 is the flagship product of SCOR™ Golf. The product line erases the dividing line between short irons and wedges, and represents the most comprehensive package of scoring technology in the industry. This approach to the scoring end of the set combines  forgiveness, game improvement performance and  precision in the scoring clubs for golfers of all abilities. The innovative SGC3 progressive weighting design features seven distinct head designs across twenty-one precision lofts from 41-61 degrees to optimize trajectory, spin and distance control for each scoring club.

SCOR™4161 also features V-SOLE® technology, proprietary GENIUS® shafts co-engineered with KBS® and UST Mamiya®, and the company’s own SCOR grips.  All heads are Tru-Form-Forged™ from 8620 carbon steel to combine the precision of casting with the feel of forging.

Each set of SCOR™4161 scoring clubs is custom built to fit each individual golfer by using the proprietary “SCORFit” fitting process that determines the exact specifications necessary to optimize a golfer’s performance in the scoring zone. More information on SCOR™ Golf and SCOR™4161 can be found at or call them at 877-726-7670.