New York, NY, December 2 2013 – Two Good Rounds-Superstars: Golf Stories from the World’s Greatest Athletes is the second book in the Two Good Rounds series. This book explores the very special connection between golf and professional athletes from around the world and various sports disciplines.

Fifty-four of the world’s most well known athletes give us an inside look at their attraction to golf and the fun, uplifting golf lifestyle. This book highlights a variety of athletes from a wide array of professional sports and organizations – Wayne Gretzky to Tony Romo, Andy Roddick, Michael Phelps, Julius Erving, Michael Strahan, Brandi Chastain, Rubens Barrichello, Mike Eruzione, and so many more. Four-time Major Champion writes the forward and major sports fan Ernie Els.

In Two Good Rounds–Superstars:  Golf Stories from the World’s Greatest Athletes, A-list athletes from all disciplines recount their forays into the world of golf and the interesting journeys that led them to become industry aficionados—from their best games to life lessons learned on the green.

NFL superstars to Olympic heroes also reveal which golf courses they think top the charts and just what it is that makes them so desirable. Anyone who’s serious about golf will enjoy this insider’s look at everything from the athletes favorite drink to which venues host charity golf events that simply can’t be missed!

Athletic contributors come from many sports disciplines, including the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, Soccer, Cricket, Rowing, Boxing, Bullfighting, Skiing, Skating, Surfing, Tennis, Horse Racing, Rugby, NASCAR, Formula 1, and the Olympics.

“In a continuation of the Two Good Rounds spirit, this book is a tribute to great athletes from around the globe and their passion for golf,” said author Elisa Gaudet.  “This diverse group had two things in common; they excelled at the highest level in their sport and have a passion for the game of golf.  It is my hope that this collection of stories about elite athletes who have found a passion for golf will inspire readers to dream big, reach far, live your truth, and know when you fail there is always a way to get up. With golf as with life, there is always another shot. How you play the next one is the question.”

Ernie Els, one of the most established names in world golf says that: “Elisa’s new book is a fun, feel-good read that I think will appeal to any sports fan. It features some great interviews with more than 50 of the world’s elite athletes from a range of sports and really gets to the heart of why they love the game of golf. I also thank her for generously donating a copy of each book sold to the Els for Autism Foundation.”

Golf is an international sport and one where people often get together and socialize during a round and after. The book, like a great nineteenth hole or favorite clubhouse, is a way to share golf memories with family and friends. This book is a tribute to the great international athletes and their love of golf.

Two Good Rounds-Superstars: Golf Stories from the World’s Greatest Athletes is a great gift for golfers and sports fans alike.  Book available on Two Good Rounds: & PGA TOUR SUPERSTORE: